Friday, November 10, 2006

The box queen!

Poor Nat has been swamped the past couple of days!!! We didn't know if we'd ever see her smiling face again after putting boxes and boxes of new stuff in the system.
Let's see, we have new Rub-ons coming out of our ears (they are colored titles from Reminisce) and Elvis has definitely entered the building. The new EK Elvis line makes me want to think of a reason to do an Elvis page. Perhaps a "You ain't nothing but a hound dog" page with Owen??? I know, its an obsession! But I already found a reason that a 23 year old without kids needed some of the new Sesame Street line. :)


natscraps said...

Speaking of Boxes.. Yesterday I got 10, ALL NEW "Christmas" stuff..I wish you could have been here to help me unpack them..It was like "Christmas" I crack myself up... Where are we putting all this stuff ? We always seem to find a place .. but I don't think there is an inch of wall space in this place..O and don't feel bad as you know I don't have kids either and I was so close to getting Oscar the Crouch and doing a page of myself in the morning..but then it sold

Yours Truly,
The Box Queen

Anonymous said...

Stop getting stuff in!!! Seriously though, the wall of rub-ons is worth a trip to MM right now. From alhpas to titles to everything in between. There is bound to be something for what you are working on.


natscraps said...

Oscar the