Monday, February 12, 2007

Did someome say Chocolate?

Oh yes, we did!!! This is the week to get guilt-free chocolate at Memory Mania. Its Valentine's week and our WE LOVE YOU SALE!!! Think back, its a tradition started many years ago, you must eat chocolate this week. I can still remember the sweet mornings of Valentine's Day, my dad would sneak into our room an sneak a box of chocolates on our pillow and wake us up with a kiss. How sweet, I haven' t thought of that in a long time, and now as a mother, I'm guessing that my mom bought the chocolates and helped him continue this sweet tradition. What fun valentine traditions do you remember or share with your family? Well, that's my trip down memory lane, so stop by Memory Mania soon to get a bite of chocolate with a surprise discount inside & share your story with us!!! Have a very happy Valentine's Day!!!

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mmallett said...


I love chocolate! And I love DISCOUNTS even more!!!