Tuesday, February 06, 2007


You can't imagine my excitement when the guys at American Craft offered us a coke, without thinking, in my most Scarlet O'Hara southern drawl I said "I would KILLLL for a COKEEEE!" I had been craving a coke & for several days the only option was pepsi- I mean really, we were walking 5 miles a day looking at awesome scrapbook goodies-I just NEEDED a coke.
So anyway they got such a kick out of us southern girls and the coke statemnt, AND they offered us a really extra special promotion for our customers if I would just say it one more time Do you think I should? Also included here are pictures Jill took of an album cover & birthday card using some American Craft products.


natscraps said...

She definitely said it as southern as Scarlet O'Hara if not more. It was hilarious.. I want to put a coke on her desk everyday when she comes in. I am never going to her live that one down..

I would Kill for a Coke...ha ha

Memory Mania said...

You made my day! "I would Killl for a coke" will be one of my favorite memories at CHA. The Memory Mania Team Rocks! Anyways, Your order was shipped out on Friday the 2nd. You should be getting it sometime this week. Thanks Tammy!!


Scrapper Jessica said...

Jared does rock. Can't believe I missed most of the visit with those American Craft guys!!!

Scrapper Jessica said...

AMERICAN CRAFTS! It arrived today!!!! LOVE the new thickers and wait till you girls see the yummy paper and embellishments. plastic arrows, corners, and seasonal embellishments. I'm dying over here! :)
Big hugs!