Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Royal Visit

In case you missed her on Saturday, here is a picture of Princess Jasmine in from out of town to teach the Disney Delights and Elements of Design classes for MMU. We are so fortunate to have two teachers, Becky and Michelle, travel in from out of the parish to share their enthusiasm, knowledge, time, and in Becky's case costumes with all of our students. We hope that all of you who are taking classes this semester are completing layouts and enjoying your classes. And for those of you scheduled for Deneen's Embossing Ease class tonight you only have about four more hours to wait!


Michelle Sanders said...

It was so nice meeting the princess Saturday! Becky is a hoot! I popped in the store to pull some papers for an upcoming class and got to see her highness teaching her Disney class. Way to rock that princess outfit Becky! I still say teal is your color!

Memory Mania said...

WOW-I agree. You are sure to get a giggle each time Becky's class character arrives & learns some cool techniques too. We are so lucky to have ALL of our teachers and very thankful for the ones that love to share this hobby so much they are willing to drive into our parish to teach these classes. I hope everyone is taking advantage of the awesome classes that Memory Mania has to offer. I've been to classes across the country and I have to say, these teachers rank right up there with the big names. So lucky you that they are taught so close to home!!! KUDOS to all of the teachers and the incredible classes at Memory Mania!!! MMU4LIFE!!!