Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Ultimate Heidi Swapp Kit/Workshop

"The Ultimate Heidi Swapp Kit/Workshop"
March 24th 1:30-4:30 (right after the CHA Expo)
Instructor: Michelle Sanders

This is just a small peek of the goods in this kit. Sorry the pictures aren't that great but this stuff is so new we don't even have it in the store yet!

So you want the latest and greatest Heidi products? Afraid you'll buy the kit only to have it sit there untouched? What if your kit came with a class...a class with actual projects and layouts? Plus still have tons of products to work with when you get home. Sound like a dream? Well wake up and dream no more because we have put together a dream kit that includes a very full class! This Heidi workshop is sure to inspire AND get some scrappin' done with some of the hottest new products from CHA. Learn how to use these cool new products in different and innovative ways.

So what do you get? Well you will get a full blown class complete with projects and layouts. And you get a whole heap of new Heidi products. What? You want a list...ok, here goes...

Roller Stamp
Journal Spot Stamps
Circle Writers Block
Playing Cards
Clock overlay
XL Ghost Clocks
Ghost XL Wings
2 sytles of XL Photo Corners
Damask Stickers
Bird Stickers
Jewel Stickers

So you get all this and then some. Enough to complete the projects in class and tons more to create when you get home. This is one loaded class! I for one, can't wait to get my grubby little hands on these products!

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mmallett said...

Okay, I just called Natalie and I'm all signed up! I can't wait! This looks like an awesome class!!! But then, when isn't a class offered by Memory Mania absolutely AWESOME!?!