Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scrap Happy

I sure wish I could take the Scrap Happy Class Sunday, they are so much fun!!! Scrapbooking is really in the news lately, have you heard that Diane Keaton is writing a book about scrapbooking?
From "The Ottawa Citizen" on February 9, 2007:
"Why scrapbooks? Well, it seems that Keaton is fascinated by them and has collected hundreds.
"'I've noticed that scrapbooks are really people's way of visually documenting their lives and interests with things that compel them. People who aren't really artists who have a need to express themselves visually. We collected all these scrapbooks from various sources and we picked the imagery that we thought was really outstanding -- that was eye-grabbing.
It's kind of poetic -- like anonymous art in a way, yet very personal.'

WOW!!! I'm kind of distracted today, and can't remember what, oh yeah, I wanted to let you know, Feb 22-25, all CK Tips & Tricks are buy 1, get free!!!! That's a bargain-print this for your coupon-its a private sale!!! Have a great weekend,

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Cameron said...

Hey - noticed your blog about scrapbooking. Kodak is launching a new printer where the ink is significantly cheaper - only $10 for Black and $15 for color ink. Check out - would love it if you blogged about it to your readers.