Monday, February 05, 2007


We're back!!! You certainly won't feel left out of CHA, because I think we bought just about everything there, SERIOUSLY, I think I could name what we didn't get faster than what we did get. Of course, its all floating around in my head right now and I'm not getting any hints for name dropping, but as I calm down, I will post some layouts using some products we LOVED and had to get. Our first stop was a private party to Luxe Designs, a brand new company and we were the very first people to view it!!!! AND it is awesome. Black and white color schemes were big at CHA this year, but our first pick was the best, we looked at everyone's and definitely LUXE had the best collection. AND we will be getting a new product from them, 3 months before any other stores in Louisiana, so stay tuned to the blog. Also Michelle has a great idea of picking one designers products & designing a class around all of that designer's products-so stay tuned for that too. I had to include this picture, John and Mike became best friends with Pam's dad, Pam is the designer of Luxe Designs. He was sweet talking and we walked away with some cool deals and a LUXETINI. Also pictured are all of us with Pam. You may remember Pam, she is an author of one of the first Pinecone Press Book Club books.

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