Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Inspiration and Need a new Trimmer

ENJOY Inspiration from the Masters Team

Created by Stephanie Powers
Love, Love, Love this layout with the My Minds Eye embellies, etc and Basic Grey papers!!!!
BUT mostly, I love that Stephanie captured this fun day with her friends-do you know how many awesome days like this I've had, but never had any great shots to scrapbook-Go Steph!!!

Created by Heather Banker
Ahhhhh, how sweet, I loved this layout so much, i scraplifted it the day she emailed it to me-KUDOS Heather!!! I love her use of the scallop papers and she used her border punch to scallop some other papers and of course, no layout is complete without CIRCLES. And how cute is Miller???

Have you been needing a NEW trimmer??? Well, I've been on the market for 1 year now for a new trimmer, I was fed up with my old trimmer, it wasn't cutting straight, the blades were not cutting great. We had received 1 shipment of the below trimmer and I let Christy buy the first one thinking i would get the next shipment, wellll, it never came. Christy loves this trimmer so much, that she brings it back & forth to work everyday, she won't use any other trimmer (i think i owe her a new one now).

Well, like I said i NEEDED a good trimmer and I was tired of waiting-it had been 8 months, SOOOOO, I ordered about 17 trimmers and bought about 10 different ones to test them out!!!!!! I came across two trimmers that I think are the best on the market - The Fiskars & the Ultimate Trimmer -they were both awesome!!!! We've hadthe Ultimate Trimmer in for a couple of months now so most of you probably already know about that one. Below is the Fiskars trimmer, they are not being manufactured anymore, so we bought as many as we could get, come check it out. Why is it so cool. 1) It has 6" of base so you don't have to turn the arm out to measure 6" (which i use all the time); 2) there is a wire that keeps the cutting straight; 3) it's soooo cute. Oh, and don't worry, Fiskars never discontinues the blades, they just keep changing out trimmers. They still make the blades from Fiskars trimmers 10 years ago that haven't been available for years.

Oh, and the moral of the story . . . I NOW have 2 awesome trimmers, cause really CAN A GIRL HAVE TOO MANY TRIMMERS??? You know my boys are always using my trimmers and of course, they leave them wherever they use them, not where they found them-hopefully they leave me this girly one.

Happy Scrappin'

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Darlene said...

Love, love, love the layouts!!!!