Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Are you scheduled for this awesome workshop yet?
Saturday, November 7, 2009
9am- 7pm $125

Visit Karen's blog to learn more about her Also click on the Photographers' Workshop link to see more of what is taught in class. You will leave class with a CD of the pictures discussed in class, handout & loads of photography knowledge.

A recent student of Karen's, Dina Bonnecaze writes this:

She truly is phenomenal. The class is action packed from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm with a short amount of time to eat lunch. She asks everyone to bring their digital SLR camera along with their book. I would suggest that you do your homework before and get the camera that you are going to use so that you have a little working knowledge about YOUR camera before you go.
She has a tremendous amount of knowledge about most cameras and was able to tell you how your camera would react in certain situations. For the cameras that she didn't know alot about she worked with their owner in finding the information in the book. She has the mind set of helping everyone take better pictures....because that is what it is all about....isn't it?
I firmly believe that this class is worth the money (and then some). I have improved so much since I took this class back in November 2008. I bought a $900 camera and thought....should I really spend another $125 on a class to learn how to use it...maybe I should just use the auto mode and forget about it. Her class taught me how easy it was to use the manual mode and get a better shot. She will be the first to tell you, sometimes the timing isn't right to set everything up on the camera....just point and shoot and get the picture!!! But in most cases, we are in control of the timing and she will teach you how easy it is to set the camera so that PERFECT SHOT is captured. This is so that we can spend lots of money at Memory Mania to put it down on a layout right? (ha ha ha)
I would definitely recommend this class to everyone who wants to take better pictures. I would take it again if I could be there that day because she truly is a great teacher who is patient with all of her students and really wants us all to be better photographers. You come away with a binder with all of the information covered in the class along with a CD with more information. Well worth the money!!!!!

WOW-what an awesome recommendation Dina-thanks so much!!

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MsBdot said...

So, so very true, Dina! I recently finished her 9-week online course. It was amazing! She is so very knowledgeable and so patient with her students, answering every question. And, look at her blog -- she takes photos like we do. Photos of her kids, her family and their lives. I am looking forward to meeting Karen in person. This workshop will be an exclamation point after the 9-week course -- hopefully helping me to pull it together. If you haven't yet, you really should sign up for this class. Borrow a DSLR camera if you don't have one. What I expect that you will learn about composition and lighting will be information that will help even with your p&s camera. I am sure we will learning some amazing stuff!!