Friday, September 18, 2009

Its a GOOD day for a CROP

OMG, I could barely sleep last night, now if I could only move those digits (we used to say hands) on the clock to say 3:30, it won't get here fast enough!!!! At 3:30 our BFF scrap weekend (OUR CCL) starts and I just can't wait. A whole weekend of cropping!!!! Hopefully I'll have many many layouts to share on Monday. I have about 2 years to catch up on Justin's school scrapbook since he graduates this year and hopefully Sunday night won't arrive too quickly so I can squeeze a few extra pages in.

I can't tell you how motivating it is to PRINT YOUR PICTURES. My biggest stresser this year has been when I sit to crop, I can't decide what to work on because all of my pics are on my computer-yikes-and that freaks me out, always worrying about computer crashing. So last Sunday, I printed all of my pics for 2009, it felt so great!!! I immediately started OOPSing, but then some work stuff came up that I had to take care of SOOO my awesome employees OOPS'd for me this week so I would have plenty to scrap this weekend and I can't wait to see what they picked out for me.

Cropping at Memory Mania is fun too, but unfortunately we don't have sleeping arrangements for the weekend, LOL. These girls have a lot of fun, they share lots of scrap tips & lots of laughing. If none of your friends scrap, don't worry, you could always head over to MM to crop & make new ones.
Pics from last week's crop:

WOW, it was a packed house, we even used the bar!!

Go Mrs. Myrna, she's working on her masters kit!!!!! Jody will be so proud, you're scraplifting her AT Country layout!!!

Some things they said they learned from each other at the crop:
We spotted some girls using metallic cream chalks to add sparkle, some old friends catching up at the crop, sharing tips about dimensional magic, and making chipboard letters.

So, let the guys head to the high school football games tonight & call to reserve your spot at the MM crop-doesn't it look like lots of fun??

I hope all of you can squeeze in some girlfriend, crop time this weekend!!!!! NOW I know how ya'll feel when you're getting ready for CCL!!!!! Speaking of CCL -ITS filling up quickly AND WOW, lots of new names I see, so I think the word has spread, its a REALLY FUN place to be. Sign up soon to reserve your spot for CCL-its the best gift you can give yourself-imagine right after Christmas how ready you are to get AWAY!!!!! CCL is the PERFECT setting for lots of laughin', chattin' and croppin!!!!

Happy Scrappin',


Becky said...

One of the things I miss MOST about me and my BFF living in P-ville is the Friday night crops at MM!!! It was during those years (when we would go EVERY Friday) that we both got sooooo many pages done!!! Missing those Friday night crops.....

Refresh My Memory said...

I have to admit there is nothing better than scrapbooking with friends. I tend to get more pages done, stay up much later than normal, and have a great time explaining the story behind the photos. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to use the Studio on one of my trips back home. Go Mrs. Myrna! I hoped you were able to finish your layout!