Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Good Stuff

Don't you just hate vacations to end??? My family is FAMOUS for begging everyone to stay "just one more day". For some reason, I'm just never ready for the Good Friends, Good Times, Rest & Relaxation to end. And lately the worst part is . . . when its time to go home that means Dane goes back to his house . . . and my heart is ripping out of my skin because I feel like he's moving out all over again. I think now I understand why ten minutes after mom leaves to return to Texas, she calls me sobbing:( LOL, and don't you hate when you also think "Now I know what my mom meant . . ." Does this separation anxiety with children ever end?? Oh well, everyone knows that all good things must come to an end-just relishing in a childish moment this morning. LOL and hope you have a terrific Tuesday!!!!!

OK, on to more weepy subjects-have you scrapped those school pics yet????? Check out this COOOL new school papers/stickers & that awesome apple die cut paper!!!! Just the perfect excuse to print those school photos that are screaming --let me out of this camera please!!!!!

Geez, wonder what was in my milk this morning??

Check out the newest stickles . . . Add a little sparkle to your life today!!!!! You know a girl can never have too many stickles!!

And here's the BIG surprise today . . .

70% off all products in the Christmas & Halloween sections

Expires Sat, Sept 11th.

Happy Scrappin'

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