Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do Something Nice for Someone Today . . . just because

This young girl inspired me yesterday . . . This is Kelsey Gaudet, Danielle's daughter. Kelsey was so excited about the new store and when I showed her the children's area and explained that that room would have to wait, i was just completely out of energy. She shows up a couple of days later with a magnificent painting of Marty!!!!! Such a refreshing thought of teenagers today!!!

So anyway, I had been searching for this photo when in fact it had been hiding on my camera, when I viewed it yesterday morning, it inspired me to do something nice for someone just because (also inspired by a blog post i read yesterday) . . . The first 2 people that came to mind was my mother-in-law and my sister. So I stopped by Winn Dixie and picked out 3 beautiful mums and thought I would surprise my mother-in-law at school with a precious picture I also found hiding on my camera of her & her 3 favorite people in the world. She was so excited and I have to admit it was a great start to my day also!!!!

Then I sneaked in my sister's house, and left her mums on her counter without a word. I giggled all day at this because I knew she would first call her husband to thank him & then he would be wondering. I knew she would question Carly after school and she would be wondering, she would call my mom & she would be wondering (mom kept my secret-lol). It was such a fun thing-Carly told Julie, "well they could be for me" . Anyway, turns out, she was calling me to tell me something else & I just busted out laughing and had to give it up. Anyway, LOTS of people had a fun day because of it.

Sorry so long, so the moral of the story is Do something nice for someone & print those pictures that are hiding on your camera.

KUDOS Kelsey & thank you sweetie. We LOVE IT!!!

Print your pics on your camera today-you know you have some cute ones that will match these papers perfectly.

Cosmo Cricket Early Bird

Cosmo Cricket Boyfriend

Oh and have you signed up for Karen Russell Photography class at Memory Mania???
We opened up several more spots, we just can't let anyone miss out on this great opportunity. I'm telling you its a once in a lifetime event in Prairieville.

Happy Scrappin'

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