Thursday, October 30, 2008


WOW-I knew when Christy showed me the layouts for the GIRLS ROCK class that this class would be a hit!!!!! KUDOS Christy!!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!!!!!!! Here are my fav comments from students:
  • Loved both of Christy’s layouts; loved learning different ways to use the swirl punch;
  • Very simple layouts & super cute!!! I will definitely use & enjoy!! Thanks for all of your hard work-I so appreciate it.
  • I loved using my template for stitching.
  • Girly Girl was my FAV layout!
  • Loved using the fiber/ironing technique;
  • Great class, great teacher & awesome layouts!!
  • LOVED these Fibers (stay tuned-there will be more of these fibers at MM soon)
  • Christy – YOU rocked it OUT of the park!!! Great layouts!!! Thanks so much
  • LOVED this class, thanks for making it so easy!!! Loved the shoe technique & layouts are PERFECT!!!
  • Loved the fiber!!!!
  • These layouts are FABULOUS!!! Christy outdid herself with the xyron’d pieces. She shared soooo much with us. We had a lot of time and the environment was calm & relaxing. Thanks
  • LOVED THIS CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the shoe & fibers!!!!
I agree with one of the students-YOU ROCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fibers & ironing technique is very cool-Memory Mania will have these fibers in house in a couple of weeks, be sure to ask about them next time you're in the store.

FYI-Christy is also teaching the cool stamp/fiber technique in Skip & Scrap-call Today 225-744-2767 & come see what all the fuss is about;
SKIP & SCRAP registration closes on Saturday so that orders can be made!!!!

Hint: Check the Morning Advocate today (Ascension section).

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