Monday, October 20, 2008

Maniac Challenge

Merry Monday to Everyone,

WOW, another beautiful day!!!! I'm so excited & planning for a scrap getaway with my best buddies, trying really hard NOT to think that last year when we did this & the day I returned was the end of my back-planning on lots of stretches throughout the getaway, ha ha-its tough getting old. Anyway, got my scrappin' to - do list going & trying to OOPS and made me thing of a great challenge for the week:

SCRAP Something Stylish about the eights (??2008). I'm not real sure what to call 2008 -we used to be able to say "eighties" or "nineties"-what is this period called?? Take photos of you or your kids' style (or Christy would say her dog's) and choose the most stylish pattern paper & scrap that this week. I know that all too often we forget to take photos of the everyday moments and believe me those end up being really special memories later, so take that picture while you can.

P.S. Have you ever created a scrap to-do list OR am I the only LIST NUT?? Talk about get you motivated to scrap, my list includes: Album, Layouts Needed, products needed, Photos printed. Sometimes you're just not sure where to start, so keeping this list helps you prioritize & get scrappin'.

Happy Scrappin'

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