Friday, October 10, 2008

Danielle WOWS MMU Students

KUDOS to Danielle in her class this week. Her admiring fans have been writing in to say how awesome this class was (Masterpiece Theatre: Family Matters). Here are a few of the comments I've received-so don't miss out on classes with Danielle next semester:

  • This class was incredibly useful
  • Loved the paper rolling/embossing glue tips; I LOVED IT!! This could have been a 3 hr technique class. Danielle is loaded with TIPS!!!
  • Loved the water pen
  • Loved layout with embossing & one with brads; great great great great, very good teacher
  • Both layouts are wonderful; loved wetting & rolling paper & beads; Tammy, please get Danielle to teach more classes. She is very organized & very good
  • Loved the rolling technique

I can just hear the excitement through these comments. Thank you scrappers for letting us know how much you enjoyed class.

Have I mentioned lately just HOW LUCKY WE ARE to be surrounded with the most awesome teachers in the country???? I've been to many conventions & classes across the country & I'm telling you these girls are the CREAM OF THE CROP. KUDOS to Allison, Amy, Becky, Brooke, Christy, Danielle, Darlene, Deneen, Jade, Jill, Nikki & Noelle.

Thank you girls for sharing your awesome creativity & scrapbook passion with all of us!!!!!

P.S. For all of you Natalie fans- Natalie was in town this week and I had a wonderful lunch & visit with her. She is doing well. She is attending The Art Institute of California while working at a J Crew Department Store designing window advertising & clothing displays. She is quite happy to be back on the creative end of the world.

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Nelle said...

Ladies, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful comments. It was such a joy teaching you on Tuesday night. You were all so eager to try something new. I'll try to post some more techniques this weekend on other uses for the waterbrush. Have a good one!