Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Noelle LANDRY is all the Rage!!!!

KUDOS to Noelle, Saturday's stamping class was the first of many more of Noelle's technique classes. So regarding the post of last week that punches are overtaking stamps-i might have to rethink that . . . Noelle's students were raving about stamps, stamps, stamps & screaming for more classes with Noelle. Here are some of the comments I've received:

  • I loved both layouts; loved learning to emboss; LOVED the class-will use Noelle's tips!!
  • I Loved the birthday layout; loved the masking; NOELLE ROCKED!!!
  • Loved the border embossing & alphabet stamps on white; thanks-good job Noelle
  • Loved the embossing;
  • Great tips/great teacher
  • This was a fantastic class, I really enjoyed it!!!!- MORE MORE MORE
  • Loved the treasured memories layout; thank you so much!!!
  • The class was AWESOME, I learned a whole lot & I already thought i knew alot about stamps. Noelle gave out lots of information which was very useful & interesting!!!
  • Great information, could take another full class with the information given.
So watch for more classes with Noelle next semester. Students have started a wish list for classes next semester featuring masking & more embossing. I'm so proud of Noelle. As you know Noelle has been a member of the Masters Team and we have enjoyed her designs with the masters kits for several years. KUDOS again for a great job & thanks so much to the students for the awesome feedback. Feedback is so important to us, all of the teachers work so hard for several months creating the layouts, preparing for class & of course actually teaching the class, so its nice to hear that it was all worth it.

Happy Scrappin',

P.S. UPS delivered New Disney & High School Musical yesterday, come check it out!!!

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