Sunday, October 19, 2008

Queen Darlene Cricut

WOW-once again Darlene was crowed QUEEN of the cricut. KUDOS to Darlene for sharing her hours & hours of research & experience with the Cricut Design Studio with us. As many of you know the manual that comes with CDS doesn't really offer any help, so lucky for us, Darlene was willing to share everything she learned about CDS with us. If you weren't able to catch this class, Darlene is doing one last CRICUT DESIGN STUDIO class at CCL in January. Here are a few comments I received:

  • Loved learning how to make the letters merge, incredibly useful class; loved Darlene’s tips
  • I definitely feel like I got more than I paid for with this class;
  • Liked learning the extra tips on cricut (little things I didn’t know already)
  • Loved that both layouts for class are easy to adapt & make personal
  • Loved the invitation tips; Great class!!
  • Darlene has great tips & techniques for the Cricut
  • Darlene is an excellent teacher. Her directions, both oral & written are easy to understand.
  • Darlene’s layouts highlight the techniques taught and are easy to complete without a high level of stress!!!!
  • Great, I'm no longer SCARED to play with CDS. Loved the welding and all other features.
  • Thank you!! It was awesome being able to try it as I went along (on my laptop loaded with cds)
Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!!!! Catch Darlene's last CDS class at CCL in January.

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Darlene said...

Thanks for all the great comments!!! It was so much fun sharing my knowledge of the CDS with everyone! I'm anxious to see homework images posted to the gallery!! Remember you get one extra buck if you do so! That one buck might come in handy during graduation!!!!