Friday, March 28, 2008

What did you NOT order?

Poor Rachel, she's been drowning while organizing boxes, we don't even have enough racks to put all of these goodies, but this is a good thing right?
Just kidding, can't wait to share these goodies with you on Saturday for the EXPO, did I mention free ice cream from Scoop 'n Doo.
Friday's Tip for Completing Albums:

STEP THREE: Arranging. This is the fun part-Allow yourself a little extra space at your work station so you can actually lay several pages out at once. What you’re doing in this step, is deciding what pictures will go on what page, then loosely tacking them down to keep them temporarily in place (hermafix removable). What's cool about this step is because it gives you the freedom to get an idea of what the final layout of the album will look like, before you actually commit to anything. For example. I really like working with two page spreads. Let’s say I’m working on Valentine pictures. As I’m going along, I realize that they will all fit on the left-hand page. Problem is, I want my next group of photos to make a two-page spread. I have a couple of options. I can either spread my Valentine photos out onto a two page spread, or I can insert some miscellaneous photos onto the facing page. Either way, the result is that my next set of pictures will end up on facing pages as well. Or, I may find that after I’ve laid everything out, I have one extra photo remaining. I still have the flexibility to squeeze it in somewhere, or eliminate something else. All of these little problems would be big problems if I was completing my album page by page. I wouldn’t be able to make the little changes, because I’d already be locked into my layouts. But when you’re working assembly line, you can make corrections as you go. So are you still with me?
First, we selected and cropped all our photos.
Then, we arranged and tacked them down with just a touch of adhesive, to the page.
Tune in for more details . . .

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