Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

Hello & welcome to Tuesday-its going to be a fabulous day, my little Ben Ben is coming to spend the day with me (I wonder if this is what being a grandma feels like, haha). WOW, its a beautiful day outside!!! I just LOVE this spring weather, although it is a little chilly still. Anyway, I was a little under the weather yesterday so I couldn't blog much. How was your Easter? Ours was wonderful!!! Justin kept asking "if we still have Easter" sidenote-i guess he meant since they are all grown up. My response was (as i'm sure all mothers feel), you're never too old for the Easter bunny to pass. Its so funny, you watch them grow and they love being older, but they miss the things from younger years. SO DO I!!! Which is why Easter was so great-2 of my nieces and nephews (Ben & Blake) still enjoy the magic of EASTER. Everyone gathered at the Bullions for Judy's fabulous cooking, crazy fun with the cousins AND Easter Egg Dying & Hunting (my favorite)!!! The kids had fun dying eggs, although funny enough the 15 & 16 year olds (Elaina & Justin) had the MOST fun dying eggs. It was so enjoyable to watch the kids running in the yard, no video games, no tv, no computers-just everyone enjoying each other's company. Only sad part was my family was spread out between Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, California & Canada-its just not quite the same when we can't ALL be together. Hope you had a wonderful EASTER and enjoyed your family. So did you print some photos today-just 15 minutes.

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