Friday, March 07, 2008

Come get the SCOOP

WOW, I wish they would let me out of this house, please, please, I really want to see what's in these boxes!!!! Here are a few pictures that Allison snapped to make me super lonesome for the store & excite you about Getting the Scoop at Memory Mania. P.S. Please pray that Christy is feeling better ASAP (poor darling has the flu & bronchitus and really ready to get to these boxes). Rhonda is working feverishly to receive as many as possible, but UPS just keeps coming with more. As you know, we bought everything at CHA, but then we can't remember what everything involves, so every box we open is 10x better than Christmas. For those Getting the scoop shipped, we are gathering some really cool things for you & for those coming to get the scoop in person, I can't wait to share with you too. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that is working so hard to pitch in during this crazy time with all of the surgery, sickness & school. Also thanks to the all the customers' patience while my mom & sister (never worked at MM before) learn to check them out.

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Darlene said...

COOL!!! Can't wait to see all of these new awesome products! My scoop is actually pre-ordered, so I know I'll get mine before you run out!!!