Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Complete an album in 2 months or less

Would you believe you could create a beautiful album, in 2 months or less, start to finish;
Keeping this in mind: CD's get scratched and hard drives crash. Your memories deserve to be placed in organized books that can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones. This is the story of your life together and as you share it, relationships will be strengthened and memories treasured. I know after I read that, i was thinking i may need to consider a couple options for scrapping faster.

I read about this recipe for getting your albums done fast and fabulous. I wanted to share it with you in case it works for any of you: There is a way to complete your album in a FRACTION of the time it used to take.
The secret, oddly enough, is in Henry Ford’s assembly line. Yes, that’s right – Henry Ford, the inventor of the assembly line is responsible for this month’s helpful hint.
Well, not entirely, and not that we’re building cars, exactly, but bear with me here, while I explain. The principle of the assembly line is the same, whether you are building cars, hamburgers, or scrapbook albums.
Henry Ford realized that if he wanted to sell automobiles to the public at a reasonable price, he was going to have to re-think the way things had always been done. It simply wouldn’t work to build cars from scratch, one at a time. It just took too long. And so, he devised a system where cars could be built much faster, piece by piece, in a – well – assembly line style.

Since then, the same amazing principle has been carried forward, shaping the entire realm of manufacturing, and now, today, we are going to apply it’s miracles to scrapbooking!
The approach I want to share will absolutely help you complete your albums faster.
It involves a shift in thinking – from completing PAGES one at a time – to completing entire ALBUMS, step by step. And yes, when you look at the process it’s like an assembly line.
But don’t worry, this approach won’t take the fun out of scrapping – to the contrary, scrapping becomes so much MORE enjoyable, because you can can see your progress so much more easily.
Of course, not everyone will prefer this method, but for those that have embraced it, go so far as to say that it has helped keep them from getting burned out on scrapbooking altogether. I love the BIG PICTURE or PHOTO FREEDOM method, but for some albums, this would work great too.

OK, so let’s get started:
Wednesday's Step:
STEP ONE: Naturally, get all your pictures and memorabilia together. Figure out about how many photos will fit in the album you wish to complete, and get them in chronological order. These pictures do not need to be all one theme, just photos of the next 10 layouts you want to create;
I will leave you some time to work on Step 1 and share Step 2 tomorrow. TTFN (ta ta for now-Becky would be smiling).

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Darlene said...

Have you been reading my mind??? For Christmas 2006 I gave my mom & my mother-in-law 8x8 albums of pictures of the girls throughout the year. I didn't quite get it all done for Christmas 2007. My intentions are to finish the 2007 album for Mother's Day! Maybe next week when the girls are back in school I can get hopping on it. Once I get started, it flows smoothly, especially since I'm creating duplicate albums.