Monday, March 24, 2008


Hey Scrappers,
WOW, its a little chilly outside for a SPRING day, but nevertheless, it is springtime. I know spring cleaning isn't all that fun, so why not spring clean your digital photo files-that is quite enjoyable & it is spring cleaning. Yes, organize those digital photos & PRINT them. Remember if they are not printed, you won't scrap them, NOR will your family get to enjoy them. The cool part is you can print only the ones you want to scrap and the others can be organized by year & season;

I know its a scary task, but its even SCARIER if you don't do it; here are some helpful tips:

  • Break it down into workable tasks (decide to work on it for 30 min each day)

  • Organize photos by year & season, i.e., 2008-winter, 2008-spring, etc; I HATE looking for things, so i organize a little more more: I usually save my photos by year (folder), then make subfolders by month/day/event i.e., under the 2008 folder, i have 0324Easterwithbullions; or 0214Val or 02randomphotosofJus;

  • I like to scrap most of my pictures, so i also make a folder 2008-scrapbooked and once I print my photos i want to scrap, i move that entire folder to scrapbooked folder. This method has helped me ALOT to see what pics i need to scrap. So when i have 15-20 minutes here & there, i go to my 2008 folder and review a subfolder, print the pics I want to scrap, move that folder to scrapbooked and i feel just a little happier because I've saved some of my photos from the computer.

  • The Pioneer 3 up photo albums are a great place to store your photos until you are ready to scrap them-i stick 6-8 photos of the one event into 2 sleeves (grouped), & label the outside of the album by year, so when i see that layout i want to scraplift or feel like scrapping, i quickly find that group of photos in the album, pull & scrap;

  • The method suggested by Stacy Julian, is working great for me, hope you can try it to.

  • Her newest book PHOTO FREEDOM is awesome & provides lots more details on this.

If you need any pointers on this, feel free to email me at Happy Printing!!!

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