Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from Arizona

WOW, so Creative Escape was A**Mazing!!!!! Pictures with Heidi Swapp &Renee Kutcher; andloo how cute Rhonna Farrer is-got to get her to LA. It was so much fun to get away and scrap. Ha ha. You may think that sounds funny and that I get to do that anytime, why go to Arizona to scrap. Well, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. I've been wanting to go to Creative Escape since I heard about it last year and a good friend, Renee Kutcher called me one night about midnight to tell me she had an extra ticket-so hence, Tammy flying to Arizona. I met some really cool people and my favorite friend I met was Kim from California, a sweet little gal I met opening night. It was so cool to visit and learn what is going on in scrappin' world in California, about the same as in Louisiana, but so nice to hear about things in other places or things from another scrapper's point of view. Ok, back to CE, You know I'm not really a project girl and all of the classes were projects, but they were cool and the teachers all explained they could teach us more technique through projects than layouts, so I was down with that and the adventure began. WOW, awesome teachers: Heidi Swapp, Rhonna (like Rhonda for those like me have been saying Rona) Farrer-this class was awesome, but she is so awesome, so what did I expect? Tracey Niehues (very clever), Chris Randall (I learned to solder jewelry), Heidi Lynn Schreiber (Mr. Bazzill's daughter), Lesli Spafford (hilarious girl that her husband baked cookies for 650 ladies at the event to win us over). Guest speaker was Alison Tyler Jones-WOW, i think we cried a time or 2. Funny we shed a few tears in a few classes. You know, as a teacher, i always feel funny talking about me or my family, but as a student, i really enjoyed hearing a little more about the teacher, that she has daily struggles and trials just like us AND the funny stories about their children. We created a 21 challenge art journal with Rhonna to help us create a habit with 21 days of inspiration. We created a "Today" artboard to make us "happy" when we wake up, Heidi shared with us that she's not a morning person and has a hard time being happy when she opens her eyes, he he. Did you know that Heidi Swapp went from 3 kids to 5 in 1 year-she had 2 babies within one year and that she's moving to CHINA? WOW-what an adventurous woman. Moving on, then we created cards with Lesli-very cool. The "My Thoughts Exactly" journal with Tracey, that girl is very creative and super clever-AWESOME teacher. I enjoyed the calendar with Heidi Lynn as it was creating layouts for a calendar-very cool. Visited the 7,500 sq. foot store of Bazzill owners AND the Bazzill warehouse (I'm such a geek-this was almost my favorite thing to do, seeing it be cut, packaged and touch every color of Bazzill-i know Memory Mania already carries every color that Bazzill makes, but seeing thousands of each sheet was way cool-John was a great sport but I did see him roll his eyes a few times. The good news is, I didn't see anything in Scrapbook Etc (7,500 sq feet) that Memory Mania doesn't already have, in fact, MM has more items to choose from, but the store was really cool and a great experience. All classes were 1 page spreads, would you scream or what? Ok, this will take an hour to read, sorry, signing off.

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A well deserved break for you!!