Friday, September 28, 2007


Good Morning. On my way out the door for the Scrap Pink Crop, we raised $375 for the Susan Komen Foundation in Baton Rouge. Thank you ladies for your support.

OK, so Grey's Anatomy season premiere last night, what did you think? I know that many of you were doing your homework from Photo Triage class, right?? A little tip for anyone that missed the Photo Triage Class, organizing your photos into season/year is an easy task when armed with your photo box, watching a great chick flick, eating Cal's brownies. When you don't have time to watch a chick flick-take 15 minutes each night, leave your photos by the sofa and grab at them when you get a few minutes. NOW FOR THE PHOTOS THAT NEVER GET PRINTED . . . . PRINT YOUR PHOTOS, you won't scrap photos you can't get your hands on. I know, I've been telling myself, i don't print them because I want to print different sizes as I scrap. Well, i somehow always go for the pictures that are already printed. Set a goal, triage your digital photos: Organize into files season/year Winter, 2007, etc; Then review each season/year & decide which you want to scrap, print or upload those pictures for 15 minutes each day, backup & store the ones you don't wish to scrap in your handy, dandy photo box. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS, you'll be amazed at how great you will feel once they are printed & stored.

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