Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hi Everyone! I must say how excited I am that I will be going to Memory Trends in Las Vegas on Thursday!!! This will be my first scrapbooking trade show & I know I will be star struck when I see my favorites! I read loads of blogs for inspiration & love the Aussie girls. Can't wait for the kick in the pants inspiration!!!!

Let's talk basics. I know it's so easy to get caught up in the madness of having the latest products, best layout & just overthinking a page. Perspective is the thought of this blog. We all scrapbook with the ultimate goal of filling up an album. Think about who is the album going to. This layout created for my daughter's album. I had so many pages done for her, but all from my perspective. When she was 6, she really loved my scrapbooking hobby & wanted to be an artist as well. I always had a camera in her face & she wanted to do the same. So, I sucked it up and said,' This will be your page, done by you'. I equipped her a with camera (pink, from Libby Lu, of course), a roll of film & artistic freedom to tell her story. Now, in her book, Emma's perspective is fully documented, her style. Remember to love it because it came from that person's perspective & give up the latest & greatest layout thought.

One other idea for that last page is to create an "About the Artist/Author" page. I focus so much on scrapbooking everything about my growing kids and not much of myself is documented. There is a big trend for "Me pages" that I just don't find the time to make. Include a layout featuring yourself with the person(s) to whom the album is dedicated. For example, I will include in my son's album a photo of us together. I will highlight the time frame of that album denoting my favorite things to do in that year. A good idea is to hand journal b/c it's so personalized in this manner. This would be a great place to have one of those photos of you taking a picture from behind the lens, or one with just your eye, or from your scrap spot.

Off to Vegas......YEAA!!!

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