Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Quiet in the Murphy Home

Ha ha, I've lost my voice and John and Justin are loving it. They don't think i need to go back to the doctor because this is working just great for them. Ha ha, what they don't know is, its kinda cool for me too, when they ask, i just point to John, i don't have to give any answers, ha ha. I think the girls at the store are kinda liking it too. They crack up laughing every time I whisper to them. So yes, Creative Escape was great, but my voice stayed in Arizona. So if anyone needs me, might be best to email me. I'm joking about it, but man, when you really need to communicate--its hard--trying to finalize details for the CCL Apparel which is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On another note, CCL is almost 100% full-again less than 2 weeks!!!! There are about 15 spots left, however, group seating is getting a little tricky, so it would be best to email me if you have a group larger than 2. Also, for lots of people who noted that they wanted to sit by somone-we haven't heard from a lot of the someone's and i'm really getting nervous, they miss out. So if you have a friend who's meeting you there, give them a call and say CALL TODAY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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