Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday's Tip (A Little Late)

Okay Gang, I know I am a day late with my tip for Wednesday, especially since it is Thursday night but I didn't want to just skip out on you. So with that said here is my awesome tip using clear stamps.

When you are working on a layout and you want to stamp a word with clear stamp Alphabets, lay each alphabet down exactly where you want it on your layout, then take either your stamp press or your acrylic block and press it down over your alphabets - then just pick it up. Now your word is on your acrylic block exactly how you want it on your layout. Just ink your stamps and stamp it on your page. What this does is allows you to see exactly what your image will look like before you stamp it and allows you to make sure your word will fit where you want it.
Try this tip, when I showed it to my Crash Course class they flipped out because it is easier and quicker than trying to line them up directly on your acrylic block. You just line them up on the page then press your block to them. Now you are ready to stamp. Get going!


noelle said...

Smart idea Christy! I love to use acrylic stamps and have never done this. I'm going to try it today at SCRAP PINK!

Pam B said...

Yeah, that's one of those things that makes you say, "now why didn't I think of that?" I will now. Thanks.

Christysprinkler said...

Hey guys,

Yes, this is one of those tips that when you actually do it, you say OMG why didn't I know about that a long time ago. That is exactly what I said when I saw it.

Thanks for trying my tips, I really do look for unique tips to help you girls out.