Friday, September 14, 2007

Organization - CLIP IT UP

Hey Girls,
I know its your little secret, but its mine too, i'm just as interested about organizing my photos & scrapbook supplies as scrappin' itself. I'm just so proud of myself when I can get something organized to save me time & efficiency later. The CLIP IT UP is what its all about right now. I've been eyeing this little goody for months now, but everytime I take one home to put together, another customer comes in "that needs it right now", we can't seem to keep them in stock, so back to the store my little purchase goes. I don't mind waiting, its cool when they come back in the following week to share with me how helpful it was. Clip it up is making a bit hit at Scrapfest this weekend too, customers love that you can see all of your embellishments, stickers, etc at a glance AND you will use what you already own if you can see it. So this weekend, i promise, i am leaving the store with one & immediately getting my things on it so I'm not tempted to give it away again. I've recently put some of my favorite punches & ribbons out in plain site of my scrapping area and I know how much more I am using them now, so this should help me use my stock, so I can buy more cool goodies and be assured I will use them. The store is getting a new shipment of CLip it up on Monday as we're sure that the Scrapfest shipment will be gone today. Have an awesome weekend, and post your success stories with the clip it up.


Darlene said...

I saw someone using one of those at CCL in July! It looked pretty cool!!!

mmallett said...

I'm really bad about buying things and not using them for MONTHS, even forgetting I bought it. But I grabbed up one of the ClipItUp's at the "debut" in March and I am SOOOO glad I did. It still took me a couple of months before I actually opened it and used it (and actually my son and niece ended up pulling out, setting it up, and putting everything on it. hehe), but it's together now and I love it! Now, I need to get the additional tier and travel bag....little bit at a time. But I'll have them before CCL in January

Christysprinkler said...

Clip it up is really awesome. I happen to have 2 and boy are they full, but they keep me organized and ready to scrap at a moments notice. I don't have to go digging through any shopping bags or rolling totes trying to remember where I put that all too perfect embellishment. I just walk over to the clip it up and there it is. Hurry to MM to get yours, you won't regret it. We sold tons at Scrapfest this weekend and everyone loved them.