Thursday, September 20, 2007


Attention all interns in Memory Mania Photo Triage Unit, if any stamping is messed up, this is why . . . just kidding, i take all of the credit for any mistakes. Here's a pic of your resident with the flu prepping for class with the help of this incredible hot resident, he he. Sorry I think the meds are going to my head. He really is hot, though even without meds. Seriously, how sweet, i didn't have enough strength to stamp so he's showing me "the best way to do it", check out the remote in his hand. OK, are you ready for some photo triage, album picture is part 2 of our rounds on Tuesday night. Don't miss this class, you will just love me when all of your pictures are organized in scrap order. Sorry girls, Dr. McHottie won't be making rounds Tuesday night.

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