Saturday, September 22, 2007


Good morning sunshine!!!
What a beautiful day, just perfect for LSU tailgating (unless the rain comes as projected) which is what we were supposed to be doing today, UNTIL it was changed to a day game and John had to work this morning. BUT, we even have an even better offer, going to the Templets for a Shrimp Fest and watch the LSU game. If you've ever had Mike's cooking, that's like 1,000 times better than hotdogs and nachos at the game. AND the visiting will include "scrapbook talk" which wouldn't happen at the game either. OMG, where was i, BROOKE, YOU ROCK? Do you create cards for your friends, family? I love homemade cards!! Homemade cards can take 5 minutes or 1 hour or more, depending on you. I personally like the 15 minute card more than the 1 hour card, but that's me, the lazy scrapper. Anyway, I asked Brooke to create a card for Becky's birthday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!!! I was expecting a 15 minute card, well, I don't know how long it took her but WOW-WOW-WOW, the cutest MICKEY card you have ever seen. I can't believe I didn't take a picture, I was just in awe at how cute it was-I'll have to get Becky to take a picture of the card in its new home-her scrapbook room and post. Its so cute that I've asked Brooke to design one of the upcoming Disney kit club layouts - I just gotta share her talent. Did I mention she is only 17, so next time you are in the store looking for ideas-ask Brooke. AND, if you haven't created a card yet, meet me at the Art Bar -Happy Hour in November. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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