Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TIP for the Week

Okay Guys, here we are again. It's Wednesday which seems to be my "Blog" day for you guys. So, Happy Wednesday to everyone and just think tomorrow's Thursday which will be followed by Friday which we all live for!!!! He He.

Now for my Awesome Tip. When working on a layout or project in your scrap space, keep a basket next to you on your table or the floor. As you work with a certain tool or punch, drop it in the basket instead of getting up and returning it to its normal spot. This way when you are done working, you can just grab your basket, walk around your room putting away your items, you are done in about 5 minutes and it also keeps your workspace clear of any clutter while you work. So I challenge you to try this tip, I promise you will love it. I did.


Darlene said...

Great tip!!! I will have to try that. Right now I just push everything off to the side, and then I have a huge mess to clean up. I'll have to try the basket!!! Thanks for the great tips!!! Keep them coming!!!

MsBdot said...

I use this tip, but with a bit of difference. I have a plastic container from Office Depot in which I place pens and rulers and tall things that can stand up. I have a small basket for adhesives, pop dots and such. Last week, I added a file folder and drop in all of my scraps that can be used on smaller projects. At the end of my scrapping time, or later, or whenever, I spend a few minutes, and reorganize tools, and file scraps by color in a larger file. It helps when there are so many little items that go into a layout.
Love it, Christy!! Thanks!

Christysprinkler said...

Oh guys, I'm sooo excited that you really use these tips. I wouldn't lie to ya, they really do work. I love to hear how everyone does their own version too. That's great. Thanks guys!!! Christy