Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another tip of the day

Tammy had a great time at Creative Escape - and yes it was me that called her. We had some amazing classes that will becoming to you soon - so watch out!

Getting a tip from me is probably not the best source... my s-crap office is a mess (I have to kick my way through just to get to the cardstock) and I am probably the messiest person EVER to scrap... but I am really very organized! I was just redoing the room before the big (She who must NOT be named) came in 2005... we've been busy redoing the house since then and that room is second to last on the list. I mean - don't y'all think bedrooms are more important?

BUT... here is my biggest and best tip for y'all. When you go shopping for scrap stuff - PUT IT AWAY As Soon As You Can!! Especially coming home from an event. You wouldn't believe how much STUFF we came home with from Creative Escape - right now it's over flowing in a HUGE tupperware bin!!!

This weekend I will go through it and sort it into "Yippee I can't wait to use this", "Oh this is for the XYZ project" and "This is SO not my style- let's give it away" piles. Then it will all, hopefully disappear into drawers and boxes and special places. The give away piles require calls to friends to see if they can use the stuff and if not - off to the Ronald McDonald house or another charity. I have boxes that are similar but larger than photo boxes where I put all my "stuff" for a project, be it a class or an album I am collecting items for. That way it will all be in one place and when I am done it will go back into the "general population" (like stamps or ink pads, or photos).

I hope this was a helpful hint! I'm really looking forward to teaching this semester and meeting y'all!

Just so you don't think I'm exaggerating - this is what we got at CE... (ok some was at the Bazzilll Warehouse... very little from Scrapbooks, Etc but as far as my husband is concerned it is ALL class product! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

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