Friday, September 21, 2007


WOW, how lucky can one girl be? Driving home from Memory Mania tonight I was just thinking, "What did I ever do to deserve so many wonderful people in my life?" Not only do I have incredible family & friends, but my team at Memory Mania is just the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!! I had a wonderful lunch with my 2 longtime teachers and left thinking, wow, how lucky are we to have had these 2 ladies, you know the duo, Jody & Becky, give us so much of their time for so many years and LOVE DOING IT and continuously wanting to do better & more!!!! Teaching at Memory Mania is a work of the heart, it takes so much time and research and its over in 2 short hours, then on the plan and prep for the next one. Anyway, its a lot of work and to continue searching for new things to teach and for these 2 to have done it for so long and still love to do it-we're darn lucky!!! Then I go back to the store just in awe at the girls, Christy, Rachel, Brooke are just running the store (doing about 10 different things at one time & still smiling and helping anyone that walked in) and Jade, Lexi & Rhonda, they give 300% everyday, not just on a good day, every day. They just do whatever needs to be done (have you seen the new huge Bazzill restructure? paper, FOR DAYS being reorganized). It was 8pm and they get off at say 3 or 6, but i had to force them to leave and finish tomorrow. You don't just see dedication like this everyday. You would never guess that the owner had been out all week sick because these girls had it going on. Maybe the owner could disappear for a few weeks (ok dreaming a little too big just yet). I'm telling you, i thank my lucky stars to be surrounded by such wonderful, giving girls. SO please give them a little pat on the back when you see them this week, they are awesome, and they do it because we love you & we love our jobs, its our passion. How lucky are we to work at what we love. I hope you are lucky enough to love what you do to!! Have a wonderful weekend.

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